2023 SEA Admit Theme

HELLO CLASS OF 2027! We are SEA Admit, and we’re so excited to show you everything the Southeast Asian community at UCLA has to offer! 

This year, our theme is the Fe-SEA-tival of Life, which encapsulates the idea that each and every waking day is an event worth celebrating. No matter what triumphs or tragedies you may have encountered the day before, every day is a new opportunity to experience something fresh and brilliant. Every day is a new opportunity to truly live. Through all of its beautiful chaos, life is undeniably a miracle to witness and a sin to ignore. Each day brings us a spark of something greater, and only when we stop to appreciate what we are given, are we able to cultivate the flames of life itself.

Like any festival, life is vibrant–a shimmering mosaic of sights, smells, and sounds. No matter what stage you’re at–high school, college, or beyond–the music is sure to tug at your heartstrings and pull you into your next adventure. 

At the end of the day, regardless of what happened, we are left with nothing but memories of all that we’ve seen and heard. Emotions of every color make these memories so much more bright and vibrant, especially once we remember who we created them with. We are a reflection of everyone we have ever loved, of all the things that we’ve experienced. Every little instance of life finds itself embedded into the person that we are today. We are the culmination of hundreds of lives, from generations past. For as long as history has existed, we as Southeast Asians, have been able to grow and succeed because of the strength and support of our communities. We stand here today because of all those who came before us, and soon, it’ll be our turn to pass down our amalgamated wisdom to our children.

We hope that with this year’s SEA Admit, you’ll begin to cherish the blessings of everyday life and learn more about your Southeast Asian identity, and how that identity has colored all of your experiences. You were put on this earth not just to survive, but to live and thrive. It’s your responsibility to continue to see the best in each day and to experience every human emotion under the sun. If you choose UCLA as your home for the next four years, we can undoubtedly guarantee that you will create the most unforgettable memories, make the greatest of friends, and gain a newfound appreciation for life.

Life is a festival, and the most important headliner is you!

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