Co-Chairs' Message

Hello, and congratulations on your acceptance to the one and only University of California, Los Angeles! Though you may not know us yet, everyone here at UCLA’s Southeast Asian (SEA) Admit Weekend is extremely proud of you and your achievements. All of your hard work has paid off, and we at SEA Admit cannot wait to welcome you with open arms and help you start this next chapter of your life.

As you begin to think about where you may want to spend your next four years, SEA Admit is here to help! Our FREE program allows Southeast Asian students like yourself to learn more about student life at UCLA and our many available resources, while diving deep into your Southeast Asian identity.

Our fully in-person program matches admits into families headed by current UCLA students to provide mentorship and build community amongst this year’s incoming class, offers engaging and interactive workshops regarding professional development and identity, presents the historical importance of various sites around UCLA’s campus through our unique People of Color tour, connects admits to SEA alumni in diverse career fields, and so much more.

While we wish we could welcome you all in person, we understand that geographic barriers may prevent you from coming in person. As a result, we are also offering a virtual program, meant to provide you with the opportunity to join our community and connect with others before you even set foot on UCLA’s campus! Our virtual program includes a virtual People of Color Tour, drop in office hours/Q&A sessions with current students to answer any questions you might have, and a game night where you’ll be able to meet new people while playing games!

We’ve all been in your shoes before, and understand how difficult this decision may be. We hope that by joining us at SEA Admit, you’ll be equipped with the resources to help you make a confident decision! We’ll be there for you, no matter what you decide. 

What are you still doing reading this message?!

Go apply now and come meet your new family! Hope to SEA you soon!

With appre-SEA-ation,
Your 2023 Southeast Asian Admit Weekend Chairs
Ashley Nguyen, Alison Trinh, & Joanne Luong

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